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The accelerated digitization that is taking place in the last decades is one of the most significant information revolutions in history. It is an extremely fascinating period to be living in. As electronic music enthusiasts – technological innovation excite and intrigue us the most. Some of the most exciting advancements are happening in the fields of art and music. One of them is streaming services that open to millions of people around the world the possibility of unlimited listening experience.


But what happens when any one of us can pick up their phone and by a push of a button access an endless music catalog in every imaginable genre?
The result is helplessness and overwhelming information that one cannot truly sustain. The response of the streaming giants comes in the form of algorithms that are supposed to learn our musical preferences and offer matching musical content. Naturally, as technology enthusiasts, we tried to let the different algorithms surprise and intrigue us …

The conclusion we reached led us to the founding of the current project.

Sophisticated as the algorithms may be, they can never replace those music collectors and selectors, who have spent a significant part of their lives digging through dusty record boxes, or DJs who have learned the art of music editing through hundreds of nights in sweaty clubs throughout the world. Music is ultimately a matter of emotion – a variable with which our computerised friends still have trouble.



Founding this site took us on a long journey to cherry-pick the world-leading selectors, music collectors, and DJs who contributed to building handmade playlists with no algorithmic touch.


At Streamdream.live you will find ever-flowing, top-of-the-line playlists that are continuously updated and comfortably categorized for easy accessibility.


All this fun is always available for you, everywhere and anywhere you are,
for free.

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